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Hiking in the Wipptal

The Wipptal and its side valleys offer untouched alpine nature. High mountains, up to over 3,000 m, surround the gentle meadows of the valleys and invite you to lace up your mountain boots and set off into a pristine landscape, where lonely mountain slopes and almost untrodden paths still await.

Whether it's a challenging tour of the summit, a leisurely panoramic or hut hike for families or a beautiful tour to one of the clear mountain lakes: on 500 km of hiking trails you have many opportunities to discover the mountain.

Hiking holiday in the Gschnitztal valley

When you step out of the Alpengasthaus Hohe Burg in Trins, you immediately have the mountains in view. They surround our small hotel protectively and powerfully - and they open up the possibility of discovering an intact, alpine world on hikes and mountain tours.

From our hotel you can reach several peaks and huts, and you often have the mountain all to yourself on the way there. Across the entire Wipptal valley you have access to a well-maintained network of hiking trails with 500 km of marked trails offering all levels of difficulty.

Moving around on the mountain.

500 km of different hikes

The special feature of the Wipptal is that here you can set out on hikes off the beaten track. Often you have the alpine meadow or the summit all to yourself and can thus immerse yourself particularly deeply in the mountain world.

In addition, an extraordinary variety of hikes awaits you: between the Stubai and the Zillertal Alps there are around 500 km of hiking trails to discover and which often lead far beyond the 2,000-metre mark. This is particularly appealing to sports enthusiasts, but those who want to take it easy will also find an approximately 200 km network of trails in the valley that they can enjoy in less steep terrain.

Almwiese mit Blumen im Gschnitztal

The summit as a goal

In the Wipptal you can look forward to a varied mountain world. First it's over the gentle valley meadows, then through spruce, larch and pine forests, over the piquant and fragrant alpine meadows, until these change to rock and stone and above them the summit beckons.

This way you can reach up to over 3,000 metres above sea level. Here, nature is still untouched, rugged mountain slopes dominate - and that's also what makes it so fascinating. Set out on some very beautiful, challenging mountain tours. The view you get at the top is always worth all the effort.

Alpine huts & mountain lakes

In addition to the summit tours, which often require a head for heights or a certain degree of stamina, you can also discover the mountains on themed and family hikes or head to one of the rustic alpine huts, where you can fortify yourself with good Tyrolean home cooking after the ascent.

The mountain lakes that suddenly appear in a hollow in front of you are also particularly beautiful destinations. Only the brave dare to jump in here and cool off. Particularly worth a visit are the Lichtsee and the Obernbergersee lakes.

Hiking and mountain tour tips

At Alpengasthaus Hohe Burg, we are dyed-in-the-wool mountaineers ourselves. You are welcome to ask us for hiking tips and get advice from us. We have compiled our favourite tours here as an starting point:


To Gschnitz

Hike to Gschnitz - meadow path, trail 50

On the southern side of the valley through beautiful meadows that are almost level and varied on a good trail to Gschnitz (1 ½ hours).

To the Sarnthein waterfall

Hike to the Sarnthein waterfall

a) Trinser Jubiläumssteig, No. 54, 1 ½ hours
Uphill from the church, past the Oslerhof farm to the fork (barrier). Between the two forest paths through the forest to Barbara-Bühel. Continue onwards until you reach the waterfall. Continue along the trail, crossing the Lazaunweg down to the Café Gschnitztal on the road.

b) Past the Hotel Zita to the Barbara-Bühel and trail 54 on to the waterfall.

c) After the bridge, approx. 500 m west of the village, turn right and continue up along the stream to the waterfall.

On the Blaser

Hike to the Blaser (2,241 m), 2 ½ hours

a) Trail 30: from the village upwards to above Oslerhof farm. A quarter of an hour along a small stream up the valley, then right over the Platzerwald forest to the Hablerberg, where you meet trail No. 13 leading up from Steinach. Now continue across the meadows to the Blaserhütte.

b) Trail 31: Instead of branching off to the right to the Platzerweg, go straight up the valley through the Zwieselmähder to the right to the hut.

c) Trail 13a: On trail 29 (towards Pflutschwiesen) after about 1 km, go slightly left uphill on trail No. 13a until you meet trail No. 13.

d) The easiest way to Blaser is the forest trail. From the barrier above Oslerhof farm, continue for about 3/4 of an hour along the path, then turn right before the Egarte (large pasture area) and continue on a wide path to the hut.

To the Truna hut

Hike to the Truna hut (1,722 m) and to the Lichtsee lake (2,104 m), trail 125

Past the Chapel of St Anna, turn left shortly after the T-bar lift and follow the wide trail to the barrier, then
a) continue on the forest road to the hut, or

b) at the barrier, turn right on the narrow trail No. 125 via Muliboden and along the Trunabach stream up to the mountain meadows, where both paths meet again. From the hut, trail 125 continues via the Truna-Alm from there as a trail to the Lichtsee lake.

To the Padasterjochhaus

Hike to Padasterjochhaus (Naturfreundehaus, 2,218 m), trail 122, 2 ½ hours

As in d) (to Blaser) as far as Egarte, cross this pasture area to the left, over a small bridge, continue up Windlahner, crossing the forest road several times to the hut.

A forest trail leads up to about 1/2 hour's walk before the hut, which is easier to walk. The ascent of the Kirchdachspitze is worthwhile, as is the area between Wasenwand-Kesselspitze, Serles and Blaser.

To Maria Waldrast

Hike to Maria Waldrast (1,636 m), trail 29

Trins pilgrimage trail. From the eastern edge of the village, a marked trail leads slightly uphill across the meadows to Pflutschboden, where you meet trail 13 coming from Steinach. Continue through the forest in a varied way until the path from Matrei via Obfeldes and the main Matrei - Maria Waldrast path meet at the Rochus Chapel (3 ½ to 4 hours from Trins).

To the Kalbenjoch

Hike to the Kalbenjoch (2,226 m), nature reserve, trail 53

Continue along the trail to the Chapel of St Barbara or the Padasterjochweg from the western end of the village to a small stream, where the trail to the Kalbenjoch branches off to the right. It begins quite steep through the forest and then flattens out over flowery mountain meadows to the Kalbenjoch, a saddle between Kesselspitze (2,728 m) and Peilspitze (2,393 m) (3 hours).

Worthwhile from both the Blaser and the Kalbenjoch is the descent to Maria Waldrast and on to Matrei or Steinach. The traverse of the Peilspitze from the Kalbenjoch to the Blaser or vice versa is only recommended for well-equipped, experienced mountaineers who are not afraid of heights. The same advice also applies to a further route Kesselspitze (2,728 m) - Wasenwand (2,553 m) - Padasterjoch (2,218 m).

To the Gerichtsherrnalm

Hike to the Gerichtsherrnalm (1,665 m), trail 40, 1 ½ hours

a) Over the Gschnitzbach bridge, past Café Erika, then to the right and shortly before the lift line to the left uphill through the meadows and then somewhat steeply through the forest to the hut.
b) Via the forest path in the direction of the Truna hut, shortly before the Valzambach, turn left on a wide path to the Gerichtsherrnalm.

To the Trins moraine trail (Trinser Moränensteig)

Hike to the Trinser Moränensteig, trail 55, 1 hour

Pass the tower of Schneeberg Castle. After about 200 m, turn left, past Villa Marilaun, on the marked trail through the moraine area to the main road, cross it and across the Waldfest area to the old mill and from there to the Sarnthein waterfall (see waterfall c).

To the Trins jubilee trail

Hike to the Trins jubilee trail, trail 54, 2 hours

Pass the Widum to the right, on the trail to the Pflutschwiesen. Above the Trinserhof, turn left and follow the Dammweg to the Oslerhof. From there continue between the two forest paths through the forest to the waterfall (see Sarnthein waterfall variant a)).

To the nature trail

Hike to the nature trail, 1 hour

About 500 m west of the end of the village of Trins after the Padasterbach bridge from the main road head to the right and walk 200 m along the stream. At the fork, continue left along the fence and when you reach waterfall trail No. 54, follow it briefly and then back along the nature trail.

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