Enjoyment at 1,200 m

Restaurant at the Alpengasthof Hohe Burg

In the midst of nature in the Gschnitztal valley at 1,200 metres above sea level, you can enjoy regional and creative culinary delights, carefully prepared by the owner and chef Christian Salchner and his team, during your holiday with us at Alpengasthof Hohe Burg. Fine Tyrolean dishes with inspirations from all over the world ensure maximum culinary pleasure and delicious seasonal ingredients provide plenty of refreshing variety all year round.

Eintopf mit Beilage im Alpengasthof Hohe Burg in Trins
Gedeckter Restauranttisch neben Kachelofen

Creative Tyrolean cuisine

At Alpengasthof Hohe Burg in Tyrol, the head of the house is also the head chef! Christian Salchner is a passionate cook. On his travels to other countries, he has picked up new knowledge and inspiration from local cuisines and integrated it into his very own cooking philosophy.

The result is the unmistakable gourmet cuisine of Hohe Burg - firmly anchored in Tyrolean cuisine, with many creative, refined innovations and an international touch. It tastes extraordinary, intense - and simply wonderful. But the best thing is to try it for yourself!

Simple, regional and good.

Regional delicacies

Local food is always the tastiest and best. Without long delivery times and from producers you know. This guarantees the high quality and the best flavour of the ingredients. At Alpengasthof Hohe Burg, "regional" is the magic word.

A touch of Tyrolean pride comes across when the fine products melt in the mouth of the guests. From mountain chives from the lush alpine meadows of the Trunaalm to the delicately spicy meat of Gschnitztal mountain lamb to Gschnitztal chanterelles and porcini mushrooms. Creativity, passion and craftsmanship go into creating the most delicious dishes. 

Schön dekorierter Teller mit Aufschnitten

Cooking according to the season: a year of culinary delights

Regional cooking is also seasonal cooking. In the restaurant at Hohe Burg, you can enjoy culinary delights from the kitchen of the owner Christian Salchner all year round. Depending on the season, we serve up different delicacies - a year of culinary delights that is worth seeing and, above all, tasting.

In spring, the gentle and fine aroma of asparagus delights, in March the fish weeks begin, mushrooms and berries provide culinary enrichment in midsummer, while autumn brings the Hohe Burg steak weeks, which have already achieved cult status. 

Steak auf Holzbrett angerichtet im Hotel Hohe Burg in Trins

Hospitality & friendliness

The location is also part of the pleasure. At Alpengasthof Hohe Burg you always dine with a view of the mountains. From our cosy lounges, you always have a view of the peaks, and on our sun terrace and in the guest garden you can also enjoy the clear air that comes with the location at 1,200 m above sea level.

We are happy to accommodate your wishes, for example if you have food intolerances. Served with a warm smile, everything tastes even better.

Opening hours

Thursday to Sunday

6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Enjoy our creative treats now!

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