Let yourself be pampered on holiday!

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Let yourself be pampered from top to toe during your holiday in the Gschnitztal valley in Tyrol. Here at Alpengasthof Hohe Burg, your well-being is the main focus.

After a pleasant massage with our professional masseur Stenli, your muscles will relax and you will feel full of energy again. Please make appointments for the massages directly with Stenli according to availability and pay the masseur directly.


Classical massage

The aim of classical, medical or relaxing massage is to loosen tense muscle areas, promote blood circulation and specifically relieve pain.
Classical and connective tissue treatments, electrotherapy, cupping, pelvic girdle treatment, spinal rehabilitation, physiotape.

Massage in Trins im Hotel Hohe Burg
Hot stone therapy

Stones of different sizes are placed on the energy centres of the body, such as the back, forehead, abdomen, hands or neck. The warmth emanating from these stones allows energy centres to open and for you to achieve deep relaxation.

Foot reflexology massage

The principle is based on the belief that our whole body is mapped on the soles of our two feet. By massaging the nerve endpoints (reflex zones), a regeneration impulse is said to be directed to the weakened organs, thus strengthening their power of self-healing.

Medical taping concept

The innovative method, which originated in Japan, came to Europe at the end of the 1990s.

The tape influences the body's neurological and circulatory system, muscles, tendons, joints and organs, and stimulates the body's own self-healing processes to regenerate blocking symptoms and restore unrestricted function.

Moxa therapy

With special incense sticks made of mugwort, the "moxa cigars", blockages are released along the meridians and the energy flows begin to flow again. Deep muscle relaxation is achieved as a result.

Pure regeneration

Sauna after the massage?

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